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AB 1522 Sick Leave Procedures for Substitutes

For instructions on utilizing available sick leave, please click on the link below:

AB 1522 Paid Sick Leave Process for Substitutes

Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers 2017-2018

Please continue to check for future substitute application dates.

If you have any questions, please call the Human Resources office at (209) 667-0637.

Absence Management (formerly Aesop) Substitute Calling System

If you are a district teacher or substitute teacher, please use the following URL for accessing the Substitute Finder system: 


Substitute Teaching Requirements

Turlock Unified School District accepts applications based on the needs of district for substitute teachers.  If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher for Turlock Unified School District, please check the EdJoin job posting system, a job for substitute teachers will be posted when open.


  • Sub teachers must have a teaching credential or a 30 Day Emergency Substitute Permit
  • Qualifications for a 30 Day Emergency Substitute Permit - Bachelor’s Degree and pass CBEST


  • $120 per day
  • Substitute teachers holding the appropriate credential working in a "long term" assignment shall be paid $165 per day (beginning 31st day, retroactive to the first day of the assignment).
  • Substitute teachers who have obtained and maintain a "Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave" (TPSL) during/for the purpose of a long term assignment with our district, shall be paid $165 per day (beginning 31st day, retroactive to first day in the assignment).
  • Substitute teachers holding the appropriate credential, and having completed TUSD's Special Education preparation training and/or holding an appropriate California Special Education Credential, shall be paid $165 per day throughout the duration of substituting in a Special Education assignment.

*Specific details regarding these increases are available by contacting the office of Human Resources.