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Strategic Plan

During the 2014-2015 school year, teams were established to review and revise the TUSD Strategic Plan.  The Mission, Beliefs and Objectives still hold true for this version of the Strategic Plan.  The strategies have been updated to establish a more current set of goals to strive for in the next five years. 

District-wide and school site activities are underway for the successful implementation of the TUSD Strategic Plan. 

Strategic Plan


The mission of the Turlock Unified School District, a premier progressive educational system, is to ensure all students graduate as self-motivated, responsible citizens equipped to compete successfully in an ever-changing global society by delivering effective instruction that engages all students to reach their individual potential and highest achievements within a safe and caring student-centered environment in partnership with our families and diverse community.

STRATEGY 1 – We will develop and implement reciprocal communications systems which are consistent across TUSD in order to provide students, families, staff, and community members with essential relevant and timely information

Specific Results:

  1. Establish and maintain a formalized communication process throughout TUSD for accessing and providing information to increase communication amongst all stakeholders.
  2. Enhance communication with local businesses/organizations to establish and maintain diversified partnerships with TUSD.
  3. Develop and utilize technology-based communication systems to continuously improve the access and dissemination of timely, relevant and essential information.

STRATEGY 2 - We will ensure all staff has the curriculum, professional development, collaboration time, and support necessary to differentiate instruction and actively engage students in an environment that fosters learning.

Specific Results:

  1. Provide all staff with Common Core standards-aligned, District adopted curriculum.
  2. Maintain instructional focus on district-wide SIOP instructional model.
  3. Provide initial and on-going professional development and support for all staff on specified needs in the area of differentiated instruction.
  4. Ensure that all school sites continually refine their Professional Learning Community.

STRATEGY 3 – We will promote student-centered engagement by providing equal access and increased opportunities to a broad course of studies that includes curricular and extra-curricular programs enriched by family and community support.

Specific Results:

  1. New community partnerships will be created to support student involvement in curricular and extra-curricular programs.
  2. A common communication system for available curricular and extra-curricular programs will be established throughout the district (TK-12).
  3. Increase available extra-curricular activities at the TK-6 sites.
  4. Improve access to extra-curricular programs.
  5. Increase available curricular opportunities at the TK-12 sites.

STRATEGY 4 – We will develop and implement interventions and supplemental services that are consistent across the District in order to accelerate learning and close the achievement gap.

Specific Results:

  1. Establish a district-wide diagnostic assessment.
  2. Implement effective targeted interventions that are consistent across the District.
  3. Implement a formalized process throughout the District that provides parents with essential tools and information to increase involvement and improve educational outcomes for all students.

STRATEGY 5 – Provide equitable resources for students, staff, and families to prepare all students to be college and career ready.

Specific Results:

  1. Establish and maintain a resourceful educational foundation for all students to further enhance their academic, social, and vocational achievement.
  2. Develop and maintain fiscal guidelines and principles to govern and allocate fiscal resources in a timely, efficient and equitable manner.
  3. Establish and implement a web-based directory that offers students, staff and community stakeholders access to local resources by means of technological outreach.
  4. Expand and enhance partnerships between Turlock Unified School District staff, students, families and community organizations and local businesses.
  5. Build and maintain mutual relationships with local colleges, universities and trade schools to prepare students for college and/or career readiness.

STRATEGY 6 – We will prepare and equip students for digital-age learning with the skills to navigate future technology.

Specific Results:

  1. Create a progressive technology curriculum baseline model for each grade level that follows the Common Core Standards and District Technology Plan for students and teachers to have a basic level of technology knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  2. Provide similar technology opportunities for student interventions, enrichments and technology career pathways. Provide students with more access to technology, before, during and after school.
  3. Promote digital citizenship and best practices for student safety and information protection.
  4. Provide a stable, scalable network infrastructure that is easily expandable and capable of supporting all district technology initiatives across all schools.
  5. Provide a robust, centrally-managed, wireless network that securely provides sufficient coverage and density capable of supporting all devices.
  6. All District staff will receive ongoing professional development and coaching to stay current with the effective use of job-specific technology.
  7. Provide best practices for teachers to integrate technology into their classroom and instructional strategies.

STRATEGY 7 – We will establish and maintain a safe environment and positive school climate for our students, staff, families and community.

Specific Results:

  1. A comprehensive partnership will be developed and maintained between the District and community.
  2. Establish and maintain safety education and related services.
  3. Partner with the city to maintain and improve safe passage to and from school.
  4. Partner with the community agencies to promote and enhance student safety.
  5. Increase opportunities for family engagement in our schools and community.


We believe that

  • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
  • Every person can be a successful learner.
  • People are responsible for their actions.
  • The family experience has a profound impact on the development of the individual.
  • Honesty and integrity build trust in all relationships.
  • Motivation, hard work, and persistence are necessary to achieve full potential.
  • High expectations yield greater levels of performance.
  • A quality education enriches lives by creating and expanding opportunities.
  • The positive actions of role models inspire people to excel.
  • Service to others is vital in building a thriving community.


  • All students will demonstrate proficiency in all core academic subjects.
  • Each student will set and achieve challenging personal goals tailored to his/her aspirations for post-secondary education and careers.
  • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits necessary to be self-motivated and responsible citizens in our community.
  • By 2014, all students leaving high school will earn a diploma or successfully complete their Individualized Educational Plan (I.E.P.).