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Focus Program

Children Under Stress

FOCUS supports children exposed to violence and trauma through improved communication and collaboration between first responders (law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical responders, etc), schools and community resources.




A simple "FOCUS Notification" alerts the school that this child may have been exposed to a traumatic incident (i.e. domestic violence, child abuse, death in the family, witness to a crime, loss of home due to a house fire, etc.) and may exhibit or develop academic/behavioral problems.  No specific details about the incident are given, just one simple request:  To focus on the child and handle them with care.


The FOCUS Program is for children to succeed to the best of their ability, regardless of the environment they live in.

Program Overview

Our Focusing On Children Under Stress (FOCUS) Program is designed to decrease the effects of a child's exposure to violence and trauma.  FOCUS will help children achieve academically at their highest levels despite any traumatic circumstance(s) they may have endured.

Program Coordinators

Maribel Garcia

P.O. Box 3484  Modesto, CA  95353

(209) 558-6300 ext 123 Phone

(209) 558-8714 Fax


George Papadopoulos

P.O. Box 3484  Modesto, CA  95353

(209) 558-6300 ext 112 Phone

(209) 558-8714 Fax

School Interventions

A designated school official will receive the notification and alert the child's teacher.  The teacher will observe the child's behavior/academic performance, and utilize trauma sensitive interventions as deemed appropriate.  If the child exhibits any problems, the teacher will address the issue or refer the child to the school counselor.

First Responders

If a first responder encounters a child that may have been exposed to a traumatic event, that child's information is included in a FOCUS Notification that is sent out to Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency (SDEA).  The SDEA Prevention/Education liaison will forward the notification to the designated school official as soon as possible.


Research shows that prolonged exposure to violence and trauma can seriously undermine a child's ability to learn, form relationships and focus appropriately in the classroom.