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Feeder Schools

Welcome to TUSD!

TUSD is proud to welcome students from our area feeder schools.  Making the adjustment from a small campus to a large school district can sometimes be daunting for both students and parents.  We are here to help!  If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out:

Pitman High School (209) 656-1592 Website

Turlock High School (209) 667-2055 Website

Student Services (209) 667-0887 Website

Chatom Logo

Mountain View Middle School

10001 Crows Landing Rd.
Crows Landing, CA 95313

(209) 664-8515


Spratling Logo

Spratling MIddle School

5277 Washington Road

Keyes, CA 95328

(209) 664-3833


Sacred Heart School

1225 Cooper Avenue

Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 634-7787