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Registration Requirements

  • Parent picture ID or Caregiver Affidavit (if applicable)
  • Residency (Address) Verification   Proof of residency is NOT the same as proof of US citizenship. Residency verification is defined as "verification of a student's Stanislaus County home address in connection to the assigned school in the neighborhood."
  • Age Verification  One of the following options must be provided:
    • Birth certificate
    • A religious, hospital, or physician's certification showing date of birth
    • A passport
    • An adoption record
    • An affidavit from a parent/guardian
    • Previously verified school records
  • Emergency contact information, including health care provider contact information
  • Completed Health Exam and Oral Exam forms   
  • Immunization records   
  • Copy of student's academic history or current report card

Pupils of Military Families

A.B. 2949 Existing law provides an exception to the residency requirements for a student whose parent is transferred to or is pending transfer to a military installation within the state while on active military duty pursuant to an official military order. A student may continue attending the student's "school of origin" during that school year, regardless of any change of residence of the military family. If the student's status changes due to end of military service, then the student is allowed to stay in the school of origin for the remainder of the academic year if he or she is between grades 1-8, or through graduation if the student is enrolled in high school. 

School Enrollment

Intra and INter District Transfers


Step 1: Visit the school (in-person) to obtain an enrollment packet and then return the completed packet to the school site main office by the specified due date.

Step 2: If seeking an Intra-District transfer (to have your child attend another school within Turlock) or an Inter-District Transfer (your child resides in another town and you are seeking to enroll him/her in a Turlock school), then download the appropriate forms.

Intra-District Transfer Form (English)

Intra-District Transfer Form (Spanish)

Inter-District Transfer Form (English)

Inter-District Transfer Form (Spanish)

Follow the instructions and return the completed forms to the school in which you are seeking enrollment for elementary students.  For high school students, return the completed forms to Student Services.

Please note – acceptance of transfer requests are determined based upon the availability of space within the school and grade level sought.

Parents of pre-school age children may contact the Turlock Unified School District State Pre-School and Head Start Office at 209-632-2857.

TK/K Registration

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)/Kindergarten registration for the 2019-20 school year has been scheduled for Turlock Unified School District.  To be eligible for Kindergarten, a child must be five years old on or before September 1, 2019.  To be eligible for TK, a child must turn five years old between September 2 and December 2, 2019.  The following documents must be provided at the time of registration:

  1. Immunization Verification Records
  2. Original Birth Certificate, Passport or Baptismal Certificate
  3. Proof of Residence (e,g, current TID, PG&E bill or rental agreement)
  4. Photo I.D.

Children presently attending preschool classes and who are eligible for TK/Kindergarten must also register.


K - 6th Grade Enrollment

To enroll your Kindergarten - 6th grade student, please go to the home school first.  You will need to bring the following documents in order to enroll your student:

  • Immunization record
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residency (Utility bill, rental agreement or a completed residency form if living with a friend or relative which would be completed by a friend or relative accompanied by a utility bill).
  • Photo ID 

7th - 8th Grade Enrollment

To enroll your 7th - 8th grade student, please go to the home school first.  You will need to bring the following documents in order to enroll your student:

In addition to the documents listed under K-6th Grade: 

  • Testing scores/Transcripts (Exception; Foster home and Creative Alternatives)

9th - 12th Grade

To enroll your 9th - 12 grade student, please go to the home school first.  You will need to bring the following documents in order to enroll your student.

In addition to the documents listed in K-6th Grade:

  • Transcript / Testing scores, withdrawal form from prior school - (exceptions on an individual basis - THS)
  • For Pitman enrollment:  Parent or Guardian ID, withdrawal form from prior school, discipline and attendance records.

My School Locator

Click HERE to enter your home address and find the school your student should attend.

District Boundary Maps

Intra-District Transfer Guidelines

Intra-District Transfer

(A request to attend a school outside of home school boundary. For example a student lives in the Crowell School boundary, but requests to attend Medeiros Elementary School or resides in the Turlock High School area, but wants to attend Pitman High School):

  • Students requesting an Intra-District transfer must request an application from their home school.
  • TK-6 requests shall be turned into the home school by March 1.
  • 9-12 requests shall be turned into the home school by February 1.
  • Placement order will be determined by priority and lottery results.
  • Students will be placed at the requested school based on available space

Inter-District Transfer Guidelines

An Inter-District Transfer is a request to attend a school outside of home school District. (For example, a student lives in the Denair High School District, but wants to attend Turlock High School):

  • Inter-district Transfer Requests are accepted at any-time during the school year and placement is based on available space.
  • Inter-district Transfer Request are may be denied based on available program space, attendance during prior/current school year below 95%, GPA below 2.5 and/or suspensions or chronic disciplinary pattern.
  • Parents shall provide transcripts from current school of attendance as supporting evidence for request.
  • Parents shall complete inter-distict transfer request form and have approval of district of residence prior to submitting request.
  • Current interdistrict requests may be revoked at any time due to attendance or disciplinary reasons.
  • After TUSD Student Services receives the Interdistrict Transfer Request, parents or guardians will be notified within 30 calendar days of receipt.
  • TUSD will notify the parent submitting a future year request of its decision as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after the start of the instruction in the school year for which the transfer is sought.
  • Parents or guardians have the right to appeal to the county board of education within 30 calendar days from the final date of a denial.
  • TUSD may provisionally admit students to a requested district, based on their evidence that a final decision is pending with a district of residence, proposed district, or county board of education.

TUSD Interdistrict Attendance AR5117 and BP5117