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CHKS Survey

The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is a powerful tool for use in Grades 5-12 that can help schools and districts accurately identify areas of student and school strengths and weaknesses, and address related needs. It provides a comprehensive, data-driven, decision-making process to guide efforts to improve school climate, learning supports, and engagement, as well as identify and increase the quality of health, prevention, and youth development programs.

The value of the survey data for: (1) addressing the needs of students that are barriers to learning and overall well-being, (2) improving school safety and both learning and teaching conditions, and, ultimately, (3) improving school attendance, academic performance, and graduation.

The opportunity it provides students, staff, and parents to communicate confidentially their perceptions and concerns about the school and its environment in a neutral context, as neither the school nor district is being rated or evaluated based on the results.


Department of Education

California Healthy Kids Survey

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(Grades 5, 7, 9, & 11)

Parent Staff
Crowell Elementary School

Crowell Student Survey

Crowell Parent Survey

Crowell Staff Survey

Cunningham Elementary School

Cunningham Student Survey

Cunningham Parent Survey


Cunningham Staff Survey
Dennis G. Earl Elementary School

Earl  Student Survey

Earl Parent Survey


Earl Staff Survey
eCademy Charter at Crane School

eCademy Student Survey

eCademy Parent Survey


eCademy Staff Survey
John H. Pitman High School

Pitman  Student Survey

Pitman Parent Survey

Pitman Staff Survey
Julien Elementary School

Julien  Student Survey

Julien Parent Survey

Julien Staff Survey

Marvin A. Dutcher Middle School

Dutcher Student Survey

Dutcher Parent Survey

Dutcher Staff Survey
Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy

Osborn  Student Survey

Osborn Parent Survey


Osborn Staff Survey
Roselawn Continuation High School

Roselawn Student Survey

Roselawn Parent Survey

Roselawn Staff Survey


Sandra Tovar Medeiros Elementary School

Medeiros Student Survey

Medeiros Parent Survey

Medeiros Staff Survey

Turlock High School

Turlock Student Survey

Turlock Parent Survey Turlock Staff Survey
Turlock Junior High School

TJHS  Student Survey

TJHS Parent Survey TJHS Staff Survey
Wakefield Elementary School

Wakefield Student Survey

Wakefield Parent Survey Wakefield Staff Survey
Walnut Elementary Education Center

Walnut Student Survey

Walnut Parent Survey Walnut Staff Survey
Walter M. Brown Elementary School

Brown  Student Survey

Brown Parent Survey Brown Staff Survey