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Daily Energy Reminders

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Andy Walker, Energy Manager

Andy Walker has taken the responsibility of being both a teacher and an energy manager for Turlock Unified School District.  TUSD has joined in partnership with Energy Education to develop an energy conservation program throughout the district.

Energy Conservation Classroom Guidelines

Each day we ask the employee's to be mindful of the energy they use.  We ask all employee's to do the following each night:

  • Turn off all computers, monitors, and printers.
  • Turn off any other items like calculators, coffee pots, and classroom/office lights before you leave each day.

For longer holiday periods of time, we ask that employee's do the following before leaving for the holiday break, including:

  • All computers in the classroom are shutdown
  • All monitors are turned off
  • All computer and interactive whiteboard speakers are turned off
  • Printers are turned off
  • Television and DVD players are turned off/unplugged
  • All personal refrigerators are cleaned out, unplugged and propped open (place a tray under the freezer if ice build-up is present) *Remove personal food items rom staff lounge refrigerator.  Custodians have been instructed to unplug refrigerators and throw out any food items.
  • Other appliances (microwaves, coffee makers, etc.) are unplugged
  • Electric hole punchers, staplers, and pencil sharpeners are unplugged
  • All class pets must be taken home for the break (HVAC) will be programmed in the "off" mode)
  • Miscellaneous electrical devices are unplugged.  Also known as "vampire energy" these devices continuously draw electricity at all times.  Examples:  cell phone chargers, stereos, boom boxes, paper shredders, speakers, iPod chargers, video camera equipment and battery chargers, night light, and plug-in fragrance warmers.
  • Lights are turned off at the switch (do not rely on the sensors)

Let's Start with $.50 per day

  • If each certificated employee reduces power consumption by $.50 per day
  • 180 school days per year = $90/yr/employee
  • Over 800 certificated employees in TUSD = over $72,000/yr


Shutdown Items