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Technology Services Department


District Technology Plans

2017-18 Beginning of the Year Tech Info

 Over the summer TUSD teachers received information about updates to technology in TUSD as we start the school year.  Please click here for more details!

Technology Services Department Staff

The Technology Services Department oversees a variety of services, including network and server management, support and troubleshooting, audio/visual installation, and educational technology.  Our team is located at the district Operational Services Center (OPS Center): 

Operational Services Center at 2570 Acme Court, Turlock, CA  95380.

As of November 28, 2016, Data Services has moved to the District Office and is a part of the Office of Assessment and Accountability.

Click here to go to our Educational Technology webpage.


The Technology Services Department is responsible for the day to day operations of our district network.  We use the TechDesk system to have work orders generated by staff at each site.  

District wide and network related assistance:

Our staff of Technology Support Specialists serve all sites and departments in the district.  These specialists are split into two groups, each responding to work orders for a range of sites in either our "North Zone" or our "South Zone."  Midway through the year, the teams will switch zones to support a new set of sites.  This model of support allows us to be flexible with deploying personnel and helps build district-wide support capacity with our staff.

  • Albert Avila, Technology Support Specialist
  • James Flippen, Technology Support Specialist
  • Emanuel Khago, Technology Support Specialist
  • Giuliano Mazzina, Technology Support Specialist
  • Christopher Mitchell, Technology Support Specialist
  • Fabiana Moradkhani, Technology Support Specialist
  • Robert Rawers, Technology Support Specialist
  • Elisa Sanderson, Technology Support Specialist
  • Trent Wallers, Technology Support Specialist

If you need assistance from a Technology Support Specialist, please contact your site "Requestor" for technology services who can enter a work order through our work order system called TechDesk.  Your work order will be assigned and prioritized by our team.

Have an immediate need?  Contact our Help Desk!  The Technology Department staffs a Help Desk Technician who can respond to a variety of technology needs and assist with troubleshooting.  If he can't fix the issue, he can work to assign it to one of our Technology Support Specialists in the field.  For more information about when to contact the Help Desk and when to submit a Tech Desk request, please see our handy guide here.

  • Julio Harless, Help Desk Technician- 664-9220
  • 8:30-2:30, Monday-Friday (During the regular school year)

Audio Visual

The Technology Department also provides support with audio-visual needs in the district.  This includes, but is not limited to projector installation, presentation equipment consultation and purchasing, and a/v system troubleshooting and diagnostics.  If you need support with an existing a/v system, please submit a Tech Desk request.  If you would like consultation on new equipment or systems, please complete the Technology Department Project Consultation Form here.

  • George Fontes, Audio-Visual Technician
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