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Complaint Against District Employee, Policy, Practice, or Procedure

Complaint Procedures and Forms for Parents, Employees, Residents and Students

The Turlock Unified School District takes all concerns and complaints seriously. The District values the concerns of our parents, staff, students and community. Complaints are respected and honored; there are no negative consequences for filing a complaint. No reprisals or retaliation shall be invoked against any student, parent or employee for processing, in good faith, a complaint, either on an informal or formal basis, or for participating in any way in these complaint procedures.  Every attempt is made to resolve complaints informally and at the lowest level possible. In the instances when that is not possible, a formal process is in place.



Employee Complaint BP 4144

Employee Complaint AR 4144

Employee Complaints BP 1312.1

Employee Complaints AR 1312.1

Employee Complaint Form