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TUSD Bond Measures "N & O"

Measures N & O Oversight Committee Search

On November 8, 2016, voters passed Measures N and 0 to provide the Turlock Unified School District (TUSD) the necessary funds to address the students’ educational and facility needs with safety/security, modernization and renovations, STEM and related technology.

TUSD is accepting applications from those interested in participating on the Bond Oversight Committee for Measures N and O. The primary objective and purpose of this Committee will be to monitor and report on the expenditures of Measures N and O bond proceeds. We encourage all interested TUSD residents to participate on this committee.

The deadline for submitting an application is January 30, 2017.

For more information please contact the Bridget Shelton at (209) 667-0645.


Election Results

On behalf of all students & staff, thank you to the Turlock community for your support in the passing of Measures N and O!

Election Results -> Election Results

TUSD Bond Measures "N & O"

Bond Information - Click Here --> Measures N and O / Measures N and O (Spanish)Bond Information Presentation Page 01.jpg

Bond Measures "N & O" Informational Brochure

Informational Brochure - Measures N and O.pdf


Bond Measure Questions and Answers

The following questions were asked at Bond Presentations:

Question:  Why is Pitman getting so much bond money when it’s a newer school?

Answer:  Pitman High School was constructed in 2002 with education and community standards that differ from today’s design standards.  These differences include:

  1. Safety and Security – The original campus design supports a park-like setting that is open to the community at all times.  There is need to enclose the school with fencing and control access to the campus during school hours for the safety of students and staff.  There is need to improve heating and air conditioning systems to support a quality classroom environment while securing the classroom doors for the safety of students and staff.
  2. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – The original Pitman High School campus design provides for agriculture, biology, chemistry, and physical sciences with 1990’s laboratories.  The emerging STEM proSave & Exitgrams require enhanced technology, equipment, and blended classroom environments.  Updating Pitman High School laboratories is needed to support the STEM programs.

Question:  What about the completion of the football stadium at Pitman?  No home events since Turlock High’s field is damaged.

Answer:  A random poll of likely voters was conducted by a professional opinion firm.  The poll was designed to rank a large number of potential school projects for voter support. The Pitman High School stadium project ranked last of all projects considered in the survey. 

Joe Debely Stadium requires repairs due to the failure of the fill material inserted in the synthetic grass that provides cushion from falls.  The fill material product is under warranty and will be replaced by the manufacturer during September.