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Quarterly Superintendent's Update


Quarter 1 - 8/7/2017 (Spanish)


Superintendent's Update

August 7, 2017


Dear TUSD Community,

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year—a year that promises to demonstrate heightened evidence, effectiveness, and engagement for all we do on behalf of students and our TUSD community.   Efforts to ensure our students are at school every day to learn and thrive will be at the forefront.   Meeting the needs of all students, while recognizing each student’s unique talents and developing such to full potential, is our professional and daily commitment.   Consistent expectations, accountability, and partnerships with parents and community will continue to benefit our students’ performance and well-being.   As parents, we want nothing more than this for our own children; as educators, we strive to achieve both of these outcomes for every student every day.  Speaking with honesty, thinking with sincerity, and acting with integrity is modeled in our actions as we strive to reinforce and mentor the same in our students to build character and future leaders.


This school year will mark my 30th year in education, and I have never been more confident that the expectations we place on our students and ourselves are aligned to those defined as essential to college and career readiness.   TUSD’s 1,497 staff is committed to connecting all students to our schools and programs, knowing that relationships and conversations create genuine and meaningful support for student learning.   New standards, tech-embedded engagement, greater social-emotional supports, early literacy, Career & Technical Education, and a shared commitment to providing the very best educational experience for our students will continue to reinforce TUSD’s vision and beliefs.  


This is an exciting time for TUSD—our commitment to increased communication will kick-off this school year with our new Chief Communication Coordinator responsible for the dissemination, pushing-out, and show-casing of life in TUSD as it relates to highlighting our students, staff, programs, and initiatives—as such, increased social media presence, newsletters, and promotions will be evident.  Be sure to follow and like our pages to stay in the loop and support your student’s school and District.    


Your input is valuable, and TUSD’s Planning for Action specifically targets Opening Doors for More.  Through our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) process, we continue to assess the needs of all students in order to provide guaranteed learning that drives college and career preparation.  Additionally, shared-decision making and collaborative conversations will continue throughout the coming year to best support  Measures N & O and  fulfill District and Community priorities related to Safety, STEM, and Modernization.  Parent and community input will continue to be valued and sought, both at school site and District levels.  To consider how you might participate in helping advance TUSD, I encourage you to read our Strategic Plan and LCAP, located on TUSD’s website, and provide feedback to our leadership team.  Each of us has an obligation to be our best self while working on behalf of the very best—our students.  It’s a commitment and honor to do so.




Dana Salles Trevethan