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Sonny DaMarto small 2.jpgSuperintendent, Dr. Sonny H. Da Marto, joined Turlock Unified School District on July 1, 2008.  With over 30 years experience in the educational field, Dr. Da Marto is known as a "respected educator and leader who always strives to put the best interests of students first."

Dr. Da Marto has had the opportunity to work with two State Superintendent of Schools, many legislatures, and two governors to help frame educational policy and protect California education.

He has served for 9 ½ years as Superintendent of Burlingame School District.  During his tenure at Burlingame School District, he was instrumental in guiding the District to a strong fiscal position and promoting educational excellence.

Prior to joining Burlingame School District, Dr. Da Marto worked for 14 years and was the Associate Superintendent of San Mateo-Foster City School District.

Dr. Da Marto is a member and 2003-2004 past statewide president of the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) which is the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the nation.  He is also an author of numerous publications, has served and is currently serving California State committees and is a local community leader in Rotary and several local non-profit organizations.

Office of Superintendent

Dr. Sonny H. Da Marto, Superintendent

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Stanislaus County Education Coalition

On March 4, 2010, the Stanislaus County Education Coalition was launched during a press event on the steps of the Stanislaus County Office of Education.  

Turlock Unified School District Superintendent, Dr. Sonny H. Da Marto, is a member of the Stanislaus County Superintendent's Association, which is one of the seven education organizations who have joined forces to speak with one voice on issues affecting public education. 

"The current California budget crisis is one of the current topics being discussed to develop constructive approaches to ensuring public education is a priority and it receives consistent and adequate funding." according to Tom Changnon, Stanislaus County Superintendent. 

For more information about the Education Coalition and how you can provide support, click on this link: