TUSD Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

During the 2008-09 school year, more than 200 students, parents, teachers, classified employees, administrators and community members met over a course of six months to develop a Strategic Plan to drive budgeting and decision-making in the TUSD over the next five years.

The Strategic Plan is based on a set of mutually agreed-upon beliefs that were created and used by a 30 member Planning Team in January 2009 to construct a mission statement and a set of objectives. The Planning Team agreed on six strategies to reach those objectives and also on a set of parameters under which the strategies could be implemented.
Over the ensuing four months, six Action Teams, one for each strategy, including about 140 individuals overall, met weekly to devise plans to implement the strategies. The actions plans, including 31 “specific results” to be implemented as part of District policies and procedures and written into job responsibilities, were presented to the original Planning Team in early June. The Planning Team reviewed the plans and selected nine “action plans” to be implemented during the 2009-10 school year. The TUSD Board of Trustees approved the Strategic Plan on June 9, 2009.
District-wide and school site activities will soon begin for the successful implementation of the TUSD Strategic Plan. Please take the time to review the attached Strategic Plan documents.


The mission of the Turlock Unified School District, a premier progressive educational system, is to ensure all students graduate as self-motivated, responsible citizens equipped to compete successfully in an ever-changing global society by delivering effective instruction that engages all students to reach their individual potential and highest achievements within a safe and caring student-centered environment in partnership with our families and diverse community.


We believe that

  • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
  • Every person can be a successful learner.
  • People are responsible for their actions.
  • The family experience has a profound impact on the development of the individual.
  • Honesty and integrity build trust in all relationships.
  • Motivation, hard work, and persistence are necessary to achieve full potential.
  • High expectations yield greater levels of performance.
  • A quality education enriches lives by creating and expanding opportunities.
  • The positive actions of role models inspire people to excel.
  • Service to others is vital in building a thriving community.


  • All students will demonstrate proficiency in all core academic subjects.
  • Each student will set and achieve challenging personal goals tailored to his/her aspirations for post-secondary education and careers.
  • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits necessary to be self-motivated and responsible citizens in our community.
  • By 2014, all students leaving high school will earn a diploma or successfully complete their Individualized Educational Plan (I.E.P.).
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STRATEGY 1- We will ensure all staff have the curriculum, professional development, and support necessary to differentiate instruction, actively engage students, and effectively use assessment data in order to increase student achievement.

Specific Results:

  1. Provide all staff with content appropriate, District adopted, standards-aligned curriculum.
  2. Implement cohesive K-12 formative and summative assessment and data systems.
  3. Provide initial and on-going professional development for all staff on specified needs in the area of student engagement.
  4. Provide initial and on-going professional development for all staff on specified needs in the area of differentiated instruction.

STRATEGY 2- We will develop and implement interventions and supplemental services that are consistent across the District in order to accelerate learning and close the achievement gap.

Specific Results:

  1. Implement a student learning support continuum that is consistent across the District.
  2. Develop a specific District-wide monitoring system that records student progress, interventions, and supplemental services.
  3. Implement a formalized process throughout the District that provides parents with essential tools and information to increase involvement and improve educational outcomes for all students

STRATEGY 3- We will establish and maintain an effective accountability system for students, staff, and families to ensure all are taking responsibility for their actions and working collaboratively as partners towards achieving our mission and objectives.

Specific Results:

  1. Implement a mentoring program, in partnership with a university, that supports students in taking responsibility for their own actions and contributing to a positive school climate.  
  2. Implement a District-wide system to increase parental involvement and responsibility within the school community.
  3. Implement a student incentive recognition program to improve academics, behavior and attendance.
  4. Ensure the administrative evaluation process improves performance in achieving our mission.
  5. Ensure the certificated evaluation process improves performance in achieving our mission.
  6. Ensure the classified evaluation process improves performance in achieving our mission.

STRATEGY 4– In partnerships with families and our diverse population, we will identify, integrate, model, reinforce, and assess the character traits necessary to become self-motivated, responsible citizens in our community.

Specific Results:

  1. Identify and implement District-wide character traits.
  2. Implement a recognition program for students who are actively engaged and exhibit outstanding character.
  3. Develop appropriate means of assessing student demonstration of the adopted character traits.
  4. Actively engage parents as partners in reinforcing the District’s adopted character traits.
  5. Actively engage the community as a partner in reinforcing the District adopted character traits.
  6. Establish and implement a community service plan for 9-12 high school students to promote responsible citizenship.

STRATEGY 5– We will design a system to guide and support students in setting and achieving challenging personal goals tailored to their aspirations for post-secondary education and careers.

Specific Results:

  1. Utilize academic and career resources/partnerships to support K-12 students setting and achieving personal, educational, and career goals.
  2. Expand opportunities for students to meet college admission requirements, achieve post-secondary goals, and satisfy career aspirations.
  3. Refine and expand alternative educational opportunities to serve a diverse community of learners.
  4. Increase student access and use of technology to improve their educational and career opportunities in the 21st century.
  5. Increase student access and use of technology to expand their career awareness and future career aspirations.

STRATEGY 6– We will expand resources (financial, human and partnerships) and ensure they are used effectively to best achieve the District's mission as well as maintain fiscal integrity.

Specific Results:

  1. Establish an educational foundation to enhance student learning and development.
  2. Develop a guideline that ensures fiscal decisions correlate with the strategic parameters of the District.
  3. Establish fiscal principles to govern the allocation of resources generated through the Strategic Plan to ensure timely, appropriate and equitable distribution.
  4. Implement a centralized directory that identifies resources within the District that stakeholders can share and access through multiple mediums.
  5. Enhance partnerships between Turlock Unified School District, local businesses, and local community organizations.
  6. Establish a mutually supportive relationship with California State University, Stanislaus that enhances collaborative relationships fostering educational, social, cultural, and economic development.