Pacing Calendars and Curriculum Maps

In an effort to establish open communication about student expectations between parents and teacher, Turlock Unified School District K-6 pacing calendars and 7-12 curriculum maps are available on our website for easy access. These pacing calendars and curriculum maps are guidelines about what teachers are expected to teach and what students are expected to learn.  Additionally, they delineate a reasonable amount of time for in-depth teaching and assessment.  With common pacing calendars and curriculum maps throughout the District, students who transfer from school to school or teacher to teacher are able to maintain consistency in learning subject matter.  

Everything students do during instructional time provides teachers with an opportunity for monitoring their progress.  Informal classroom observations and instructional materials-embedded assessments are some of the many tools available to teachers with which to measure student progress toward mastery.  

It’s incumbent for teachers to be instructional leaders in their classrooms.  We fully support each in making important instructional decisions daily about WHAT to teach (wise curriculum & instructional material choices based on student needs), HOW to teach it (effective instructional strategies to deliver the most powerful first dose instruction) and WHY (analyzing assessment data to make sound instructional decisions).  Our goal is to help each student reach their individual potential and highest achievements!


K-6 English Language Arts ~ Pacing Calendar Guides

Kindergarten ELA 1st Grade ELA
2nd Grade ELA 3rd Grade ELA
4th Grade ELA 5th Grade ELA
6th Grade ELA/ELD Basic 6th Grade ELA/ELD Level A
6th Grade ELA/ELD Level B 6th Grade ELA/ELD Level C
K-5 HM ELA and Scott Foresman History Correlation Pacing Calendar  

 K-6 Math ~ Pacing Calendar Guides

Kindergarten Math 1st Grade Math
2nd Grade Math 3rd Grade Math
4th Grade Math 5th Grade Math
6th Grade Holt Math
6th Grade Holt Math - Not Defined


English Language Arts (ELA) ~ Curriculum Maps 

ELA 7th Grade CM Q1  ELA 7th Grade CM Q2  ELA 7th Grade CM Q3 ELA 7th Grade CM Q4
ELA 8th Grade CM Q1  ELA 8th Grade CM Q2  ELA 8th Grade CM Q3 ELA 8th Grade CM Q4
ELA 9th Grade CM Q1 ELA 9th Grade CM Q2 ELA 9th Grade CM Q3 ELA 9th Grade CM Q4
ELA 10th Grade CM Q1 ELA 10th Grade CM Q2 ELA 10th Grade CM Q3 ELA 10th Grade CM Q4
ELA 11th Grade CM Q1 ELA 11th Grade CM Q2 ELA 11th Grade CM Q3 ELA 11th Grade CM Q4
ELA 12th Grade CM Q1 ELA 12th Grade CM Q2 ELA 12th Grade CM Q3   ELA 12th Grade CM Q4

Math ~ Curriculum Maps

Pre-Algebra CM Q1 Pre-Algebra CM Q2 Pre-Algebra CM Q3 Pre-Algebra CM Q4
Algebra Readiness CM Q1 Algebra Readiness CM Q2 Algebra Readiness CM Q3 Algebra Readiness CM Q4
Algebra I CM Q1 Algebra I CM Q2 Algebra I CM Q3 Algebra I CM Q4
Geometry CM Q1 Geometry CM Q2 Geometry CM Q3 Geometry CM Q4
Algebra II CM Q1 Algebra II CM Q2 Algebra II CM Q3 Algebra II CM Q4

 History ~ Curriculum Maps

7th Grade World History CM Q1 7th Grade World History CM Q2 7th Grade World History CM Q3 7th Grade World History CM Q4
8th Grade US History CM Q1 - Q4      
10th Grade World History CM Q1 10th Grade World History CM Q2 10th Grade World History CM Q3 10th Grade World History CM Q4
11th Grade US History CM Q1 11th Grade US History CM Q2 11th Grade US History CM Q3 11th Grade US History CM Q4

Science ~ Curriculum Maps

7th Grade Life Science CM Q1 - Q4      
8th Grade Physical Science CM Q1 - Q4      
Biology CM Q1 Biology CM Q2 Biology CM Q3 Biology CM Q4
Chemistry CM Q1 Chemistry CM Q2 Chemistry CM Q3 Chemistry CM Q4
Geoscience CM Q1 - Q4      
Physics CM Q1  Physics CM Q2 Physics CM Q3 Physics CM Q4