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Bus Rules and Regulations

TUSD Bus Rules

The Transportation Department needs your assistance to make sure that each student rider is assured a safe and secure ride to school. It is important to remember that the students being transported are under the direct authority of the bus driver and it is the student’s responsibility to follow the rules to protect their privilege of riding the bus. Depending on the seriousness of the act, the student may lose bus privileges for the remainder of the school year on the first or succeeding offenses.

(EC Sections § 44807, 48900, Board Policy 5131.1)

Damage property or litter the area at bus stops.

  • First misconduct report: Student reviews bus behavior expectations with site administrator and bus driver. Parent is notified in writing.


  • Second misconduct report: Student shall be denied bus privileges for five (5) school days. Parent is notified in writing and is requested to attend a conference with principal or designee.


  • Third misconduct report: Student shall be denied bus privileges for ten (10) school days. Parent is notified in writing and is requested to attend a conference with principal or designee.


  • Fourth misconduct report: Student shall be denied bus privileges for fifteen (15) school days. Parent is notified in writing and is requested to attend a conference with principal or designee.


  • Fifth misconduct report. Students shall be denied bus privileges for remainder of year. Parent is notified in writing and is requested to attend a conference with principal or designee.


  • Bus Appeal Process:

(1)  If the parent/guardian wishes to appeal the removal, the first level of appeal is the site Principal.

(2) If the parent/guardian is not satisfied with the decision of the site Principal, the parent/guardian may appeal to Student Services


Be at bus stop (5) minutes prior to scheduled bus arrival.

Using a cell phone or electronic device while on the bus.

Form a line to board the bus, and not move toward the bus until it has come to a complete stop and doors are fully opened. (Enter or leave the bus through other than the main door unless directed by the bus driver.)

Take turns while loading, do not engage in abusive body contact (fighting, slapping, hitting, poking, shoving, pulling hair, etc.) in or when loading or unloading from the bus.

Proceed promptly and be seated face forward, keep feet on the floor in front of the seat. Remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion. (Refusing to remain seated, changing seats, climbing over our under seats, refusing to share seats with other students)

Extend any part of the body outside the windows, or throw any object either out of the bus windows or inside the bus. (Exposing arms or other body parts through bus windows)

Eating, drinking, smoking or lighting of matches on the bus. Littering on the bus.

Using profane language or making obscene gestures. Speaking loudly or making noises that may distract driver. (Talking and/or yelling loudly, refusing to maintain low voice while on the bus)

Obstructing seats or aisles with legs, feet, or other possessions.

Live animals (other than Seeing Eye dogs and signal dogs – in such cases, the driver may determine whether the animal should be muzzled), reptiles, or insects shall not be carried aboard the bus.

Bringing large bulky items, skateboards, scooters, balls or glass containers aboard the bus.

Damaging or defacing any part of a bus shall be reimbursable by the parents or guardians of the individual(s) responsible.

Tampering with bus controls, radio, safety devices, or emergency exits.

Silence will be maintained while approaching stop signs, signals, rail road crossings, or during foggy or inclement weather.

Always cross the street in front of the bus at the discretion of and/or under control of the driver.

Disembark at their normal boarding points, unless they present authorization signed by a parent and a school official.

Conscientiously observe all rules and respond promptly to the driver’s instructions.

Kindergarten students not met at the bus stop by an adult, or designee, will be taken back to their school office.

Depending on the severity of the offense, an automatic denial of bus riding privileges may be imposed for the following:

  1. Fighting, biting, or spitting
  2. Obscene language or gestures directed at the bus driver, aide, other students or the public.
  3. Vandalism to the bus or private property.
  4. Exiting the bus through a window or emergency exit (except during an emergency)
  5. Any weapons or hazardous items brought on the school bus.
  6. Any matches, cigarettes and/or controlled substances brought on the school bus.
  7. Any time school, transportation and/or public authorities must be dispatched to a bus due to student(s) misconduct.
  8. Threatening driver/aide and other students.

Note: Depending on the circumstances, alternatives to suspension from the bus may be used as determined by the site administrator.