General Obligation Bond Survey Results Originally posted 08/18/09 - 09/23/09

The Turlock Turf Crew, a group of interested parents from Turlock High and Pitman High, have been talking to District Administration about the possibilities of improving the outdoor athletic facilities at both Turlock High and Pitman High. Discussions have centered on plans to install artificial turf on the playing field and an all-weather track at Joe Debely Stadium. At Pitman High, they are interested in building a stadium and outdoor track. Staff estimates that $18 million would be needed to build and improve these facilities. A General Obligation Bond is the only way to fund these projects and the unanswered question is…."Will the community support a bond at this time?”

In January, the District Board of Trustees approved a plan to conduct a survey to determine if there was sufficient community support for a bond. The Center for Community Opinion conducted the survey with registered voters in March. The survey showed that the bond does not have universal support within the community and there is marginal support from the greater community and Turlock alumni. Universal support was not apparent for even $13 million. Based on these results, at the April 7, 2009 Board of Trustees meeting, Superintendent Da Marto recommended that the Board not take a risk at this time and to wait until the economy turns around.

The Turf Crew will continue to address the needs at the Joe Debely stadium. They have obtained a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status to raise funds for the project. At a minimum, it is estimated that $2.5 to $3 million is needed. Both high schools will continue to use Joe Debely Stadium at the present time.   For additional information, go to .