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Change in Students' Dismissal Time for 2014-15

The purpose of this announcement is to notify you and your student of a schedule change for all school sites in the Turlock Unified School District for the 2014-15 school year, as a result of TUSD’s new Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the identified goals and actions established by all stakeholders.  Beginning on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, all students in TUSD will be dismissed earlier than the current Wednesday release time throughout the school year in an effort to provide staff the collaboration time needed to focus on analyzing student learning and adapting instruction to meet students’ needs for both interventions and enrichment.  With that said, the following schedule has been created:

  • All AM and PM TK-K students will report to school on Wednesday mornings at the regularly scheduled AM time and will be dismissed at the regularly scheduled release time for AM TK-K students.
  • All students in grades 1-6 will be dismissed 45-minutes earlier than the current Wednesday release time following lunch.
  • All students in grades 7-12, with the exception of those attending Roselawn and eCademy, will be dismissed 50-minutes earlier than the current Wednesday release time following lunch.

Specific arrival and departure times can be located on the websites of the respective sites.  Additionally, a summary of all sites' Wednesdays' schedule are highlighted below. This information will continue to be shared through our parent notification telephone system, as well as in local media and letters home throughout the summer in order to provide parents and students sufficient time to make the necessary adjustments.

Bell Schedule








 Regular   Minimum  Conference Wed/PLC
Brown 8:20/11:40 11:45/3:05 8:20/11:40  8:30/3:05  8:30/12:15 8:30/12:15 8:30/12:15
Crowell 8:30/11:50 11:45/3:05 8:30/11:50 8:30/3:05 8:30/12:15 8:30/12:15 8:30/12:15
Cunningham 8:15/11:35 11:30/2:50 8:15/11:35 8:15/2:50 8:15/12:00 8:15/12:00 8:15/12:00
Dutcher       8:15/2:50 8:15/12:45 8:15/12:45 8:15/2:00
Earl 8:25/11:45 11:50/3:10 8:25/11:45 8:35/3:10 8:35/12:15 8:35/12:15 8:35/12:15
Julien 8:30/11:50 11:50/3:10 8:30/11:50 8:35/3:10 8:35/12:15 8:35/12:15 8:35/12:15
Medeiros 8:25/12:15 11:50/3:10 8:25/11:45 8:35/3:10 8:35/12:20 8:35/12:20 8:35/12:20
Osborn 8:30/11:50 11:50/3:10 8:30/11:50 8:35/3:10 8:35/12:20 8:35/12:20 8:35/12:20
Pitman       7:55/2:40 7:55/12:30   7:55/1:45
Roselawn 8:00/11:22 11:23/2:45          
TJHS       7:50/2:25 7:50/11:45 7:50/11:45 7:50/1:31
THS       8:00/2:47 8:00/12:15   8:00/1:47
Wakefield 8:10/11:30 11:30/2:50 8:10/11:30 8:15/2:50 8:15/12:00 8:15/12:00 8:15/12:00
Walnut 8:15/11:35 11:40/3:00 8:15/11:35 8:15/2:50 8:15/12:00 8:15/12:00 8:15/12:00

Please note:  the times indicated in RED were adjusted on 07/14/2014 and these are now the correct times for release from these schools as indicated.

Cambio en el horario de salida de los estudiantes 2014-2015

El objetivo de este anuncio es para notificarle a usted y a su hijo(a) de un cambio de horario para todas las escuelas en el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Turlock (TUSD) para el año escolar 2014-15, en un esfuerzo de hacer la transición y dar cumplimiento a los nuevos Estándares Estatales Comunes, mientras cumpliendo las metas y acciones de el Plan De Cuentas De Control Local (LCAP) que fue recientemente adoptado. A partir del miércoles, 20 de agosto 2014, todos los estudiantes de TUSD, serán despedidos más temprano de lo normal cada miércoles para permitirle a los maestros la oportunidad de centrarse en el análisis de aprendizaje de los alumnos y adaptar la instrucción para satisfacer las necesidades de todos los estudiantes, tanto para las intervenciones como el enriquecimiento. Posteriormente, los siguientes cambios en horarios se llevarán a cabo:

  • Todos los estudiantes de TK-K de la mañana y de la tarde se reportarán a la escuela cada miércoles por la mañana a la hora regularmente programada para TK-K de la mañana y serán despedidos a la hora programada para estudiantes de TK-K por la mañana.
  • Todos los estudiantes en los grados 1-6 saldrán 45 minutos antes de la hora corriente de salida los miércoles después del almuerzo.
  • Todos los estudiantes en los grados 7-12, con la excepción de los estudiantes que asisten a Roselawn o eCademy Charter, saldrán 50 minutos antes de la hora corriente de salida los miércoles después del almuerzo.

Los horarios específicos de entrada y salida están publicados en las páginas web de la escuela. Además un resumen con el horario de todos los sitios para los miércoles se aparecen resaltados a continuación. Esta información ha sido compartida durante el verano con las  llamadas de grabaciones de parte de las escuelas, publicaciones en sitios Web y los medios de comunicación, y las cartas a casa durante el verano para ayudar a los padres y a los estudiantes a planificar y realizar los ajustes necesarios. 

Stop, Walk, Talk


This video is brought to you by Gil Ogden, Director of Student Services. This video was created to inform your students what to do if they are being bullied at school.  

Stop, Walk, Talk - Video by Walnut Elementary Education Center

This is a second Stop, Walk, Talk video brought to you by our very own Walnut Elementary Education Center and our students.  These videos outline the new anti-bullying campaign to Stop, Walk and Talk.  



Calendar of Events

Today: 7/22/14
12:45 PM Turlock High School Sports Physicals

Water Conservation

Conserve Water this Summer!

TUSD and the City of Turlock encourage our students, parents, and staff to save water this summer.  The links below have information from the City about water use practices and helpful tips for water conservation.


Conservation Corner News - 04/12/2014

Conservation Corner News - 04/19/2014

Conservation Corner News - 04/26/2014

Conservation Corner News - 05/03/2014

Conservation Corner News - 05/10/2014

Conservation Corner News - 05/17/2014

Water Conservation Brochure

Water Conservation Info Flyer

Accelerated Reader for Summer Reading

Unfortunately, due to restrictions set by the company, Accelerated Reader will not be available for home use over the summer.  We apologize for this and will continue to investigate ways to extend learning in future summers.

TUSD Family Link

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The URL to access Turlock Aeries Family Link is: 

The Aeries Family Link program is a valuable tool in communicating with the school staff concerning your students' academic success.  For information on how to sign up for the program, please check with the school office for more information. 

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